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Ethical tech resources

As part of Raina's ongoing technology and data ethics advocacy work for the technology industry Juggernaut has compiled some of the most useful resources for the field. For those looking to understand how their data is used as consumers or for those building products and looking for frameworks to follow check out the resources below as a starting point. For more in depth instruction you can always book Raina for a workshopor head over to her LinkedIn Course for avoiding Unintended Consequences.

Get the EthicalOS Toolkit & Materials here!

"Raina's incredible workshop on 'Avoiding Unintended Consequences' is so spot on, that I shared it with my weekly Syracuse University Newhouse class. It is a culmination of all the great work that Raina has done throughout her impressive career in advertising, public policy, and investing in technology startups. Ethics are so important now, we all can benefit from the teachings of Raina Kumra."
Bruce Perlmutter/SVP Conde Nast Entertainment/Syracuse University Newhouse Adjunct Professor


Derived from Raina Kumra's original concept & Research: The EthicalOs


Derived from Raina Kumra's original concept & work on The EthicalOs